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We are aware that time is of the essence for you. That is why we have taken the latest ideas and concepts in Human Resources and condensed them into concise, easy-to-read articles. Week after week, we will bring you the latest in training, development and many other issues in human resources.

The Employee Handbook
Last month we discussed the HR Audit and how it can help you improve your efficiencies and identify your HR needs. Often times once the audit is complete companies realize they need a solid and practical handbook.

Performance Planning
Performance Management is a hot topic among many companies today. It is a critical part of any successful company.

The HR Audit
Human Resources is a necessary part of doing business today. Companies have found that implementing human resources to their day to day business can help minimize employee issues before they become a problem.

Conflict Resolution
Recent studies estimate that managers spend between 30 percent and 40 percent of their time each day tending to conflicts, whether between employees, employees and managers, between departments or even between companies.

Your “Investment”: How to Retain Good Employees
In last months article we discussed your new hire and how to assimilate them into your workforce effectively. This month we will focus on your “investment” and how to retain good employees.

Assimilating Your New Employee
Now that you have spent so much time and effort hiring the right person, it is important to get them assimilated in your company immediately and headed in the right direction.

How to Pre-Screen and Interview Candidates
Welcome to this months discussion about the “Lifecycle of an Employee”. Last month we discussed recruitment and sourcing of prospective employees. This month we will dig into pre-screening and interviewing.

Finding The Right Employee; The Search For Talent
This is a continuation of our series on the "Lifecycle of an Employee". In this article we will continue down the path of finding the right employee by addressing the issue of sourcing.

Lifecycle Of An Employee
In the coming weeks we will follow the "Lifecycle of an Employee" and focus on how you can support your employees through each phase.

I had to fire an employee the other day. The process was painful for all involved...

Why Human Resources is Important
A brief Google search of business process, management techniques and employee retention rendered literally thousands of pages of information on how to manage one's workforce.

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